Since some changes in Oracle's JRE 8 are not backward compatible, the WebStart versions don't work on JRE 8.

Recent projects

These are my reference projects.

jfunction jfunction is a library for mathematical term evaluation. Documentation Download
Datenkai Datenkai ist ein Programm zur Datenverwaltung. Download
JTiger JTiger is a testing framework for Java.

Old software

These are older projects. They do not reflect my current way.

TigerCrypt A tool to encrypt and decrypt single files or directory structures. WebStart Download
JChecksum A tool to compute checksums (MD5 so far). WebStart Download
JOptions JOptions is a library to manage options in a Swing application that can be changed by the user. Documentation Download
Graf Graf is a game I started to develop in the early 90s. Download
Simultaneous Master SM is a chess and chat client for multiple connections. WebStart Download
OGC Java library A general purpose library for Java programs that use the Open Game Cache. An OGC server browser is included as example application. WebStart Download
html-form html-form is a template tool to edit files of any type. Download
Attraction Attraction is a program to simulate n-body-problems.