TigerCrypt is a tool to encrypt / decrypt files. It has a GUI, but it also works in the command line (java -jar tigercrypt.jar -?).

Thanks to the strong support of the Spanish community, TigerCrypt is now available in Spanish. See Languages

TigerCrypt screenshot

You can increase security a lot by downloading the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files (1.5 or 1.6, corresponding to your Java version). Without this extension passwords cannot have more than 7 characters!

Security features

Supported algorithms

Launch in GUI mode using Java WebStart.

Version: 3.5
Platform: Java VM (will run on all common systems)
Languages: English, German, Norwegian, Spanish (automatically selected, or use java -Duser.language=X -jar tigercrypt.jar where X is one of en, de, es or no)
System requirements: Java VM version 1.5 or later
Authors: Kai, Vidar (Norwegian i18n), Ricky (Spanish i18n)

Download TigerCrypt (MD5 over HTTPS)

Download source code

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I directly play an encrypted video file in mplayer or VLC without decrypting it to a temporary file?

Just launch TigerCrypt from the command line and pipe its output to VLC or mplayer, respectively:
	      java -jar tigercrypt.jar | vlc -
	      java -jar tigercrypt.jar | mplayer -
Then use the GUI to decrypt the file as usual, with one exception: Check the radio button "stdout" as the target rather than using a file target.